The Meteva Accident - devlog #1

Jun 4, 2015

The #WAGchallenge finally began and when I read its theme on the Monday morning, I started to feel a bit nervous. I can write pretty well for a programmer, but English is not my primary language, so I was wondering if I can make this really happen. It took me a while to figure out the theme as well - while I was vaguely familiar with it, I was afraid that not being part of the English-speaking world might be a problem if I want to write something good. Well, hopefully when the month ends, I’ll have something that’s more or less thematic.

Anyway, while I was distracting myself for the last two days with random stuff, I thought that maybe I can make a shared setting between this project and my other game I’m working on. This meant that this game (still not named at this point) would have to serve as a world introduction of sorts.

Because the challenge has a limit on the gameplay’s length, I thought that I might be able to extend this a bit by showing the same story from a few different perspectives. I’ll have to ask on the forums if that qualifies as “branching storylines” or not though - if not, I’ll probably try and reduce the length of each story or something. I’d like to stick to that idea though, it seems nice and not very common.

Now, the biggest problem I’m likely to have on this project is with art. I’m a programmer, and while I do have some drawing skills, it takes me a long time to come up with something that looks decent. I could look for an artist somewhere, but because I really believe that work should be paid for (and I don’t have much extra money lately), that’s sadly not really an option right now.

As it stands, I’ve decided to not care about it at all - I made some simple sprites and spent some time in Sketchup making interiors for the scenes. As the month progresses, I will probably find some time to polish it up.

Meteva sprite creation

Sketchup is very useful for me. It’s easy enough to set up some rooms in it, and I don’t really care too much about the looks, because I’m planning to paint it over anyway later.


As for the technical side, I’ve decided to use Unity for this one. I usually use ImpactJS to make stuff, and I do have a working point and click aventure system written in it, but I’ve figured that if I have to jump into the water, I might as well choose the deep end of the pool and learn something new. So far it’s somehow working out.

I’ve read about some plugins and decided to use the Fungus one that’s linked on the jam page - the main competition has a $70 price tag on it, and that’s not a price I’m willing to pay right now. Fungus is not bad, however it’s more suited to making VN’s rather than typical point and clicks, but I should be able to poke it into submission somehow - it’s nothing that can’t be solved with Programming, M*er.