Ludum Dare and general updates

Apr 22, 2017

Well, this was a pretty crazy month. I won’t go into all of the specifics, as they’re not really important here, but I was just too busy with other parts of my life to really focus on making anything even remotely resembling a video game or any of it parts. That, and I got Overwatch for the PS4 as a gift, so that contributes to my laziness, I guess. ;) What can I say, I like Blizzard’s games.

Of course, and by a total accident, today is the day that the Ludum Dare 38 starts. And I have nothing planned for the weekend really, so this means I will try my best to get my entry into the Compo part (the 48 hour one). The starting time being at 3 in the morning doesn’t really help, but if I fall asleep before then, nothing bad will happen anyway.

As for the other stuff - Ark-Anti-Noid is almost finished, I’m waiting until the weekend is over to try to get it into at least the iOS app store. I need to write all the marketing info blurbs, prepare screenshots, videos and stuff, so that will probably take me until the end of the month anyway.

I haven’t done anything new in April, but I already have a plan for May. Which means I will be doing a remastered version of my earlier game, the Solitaire Master. This is a curious case really - I’ve put it onto my Itch long time ago, even before my 2016 break, and it continues to get visits and plays there. So I’ve figured I can remake it in Unity and release it properly for all the platforms I can support, since there’s obviously still some interest for it.