Ludum Dare - admitting failure

Apr 23, 2017

As it turns out, my unusually optimistic outlook on doing the Ludum Dare was completely unfounded. That’s what I get for trying to be optimistic for once. Lesson learned, though - next time I should only announce my participation after the theme is selected and, what’s even more important, after I come up with some decent enough idea for a game involving the theme.

After spending a whole day trying to brainstorm anything, I haven’t even opened the Unity editor once. It was pretty obviously pointless, so I am dropping out of this one.

All the ideas I came up with today were of two kinds. First one was pretty crap, too complicated or simply unfun after I’ve started writing it down. I went through a few of these and scrapped every one of them.

Second type was just to do whatever basic thing comes to my mind anyway - probably some sort of Super Mario Galaxy ripoff with spherical gravity or whatever.

That’s okay to do, but I know that I’m not a decent enough artist to produce anything sensible in a small time window like LD requires. Yeah, I know, programmer art is supposed to be enough. It’s not enough for me, which is what matters most. Especially when I browse Twitter afterwards and see all these amazing looking games people are making.

So, since now I have only about 24 hours left (which would include sleep and other things, so realistically it’s more like 10 hours), it’s quite pointless to continue trying to do anything, really.