Pixel Prophecy


A logic puzzle game similar to Picross (it’s also sometimes called nonograms). The player has to use the power of logic to find out which of the squares should be filled and which not, based on the numbers on the side of the image. As a reward for completing the puzzle, the player can watch the animated version of the image. The game includes over a hundred different puzzles of various sizes (from 5x5 to 20x20), all designed by the Fat Dog Games team.

It was developed as a side project during the creation of Fat Dog Games first game, Zaopiekuj Się Mną. It’s built using the ImpactJS game engine and was exported to mobile devices using Ludei Cloud Service, with CocoonJS integration of Gamecenter and Google Play services such as leaderboards, achievements and inapp payments.

  • Release Date:Feb 27, 2015