Pellet Apocalypse


Can you use the words zombies, pacman and RPG in one sentence? Why yes, you can, and the sentence you should come up with is “Pellet Apocalypse”.

In the near future, the world suffers from a new virus, that turns dead people into walking dead people. Nobody really knows how or why that even works, but one thing is obvious - the rules of living in a city have changed for good. Places where you lived, worked, went to a pub or to see a movie - usually filled with people - are still filled with them, but now everyone wants to kill you more than before. And eat your brains.

Obviously, there are some survivors. It’s not entirely certain wheter they’re immune from the virus, or just incredibly lucky, but what counts is that they’re still breathing. As one of them, you get the brightest idea that surviving in a group is much easier than trying to do it on your own. Maybe you were some kind of a leader type in the previous world? A policeman, perhaps? Or, heavens forbid, a politician? Doesn’t matter now. What does is that there’s a hundred of other survivors in your city and you need to rescue all of them.

This game is based on an idea Mechanic #108 - Pellet Apocalypse by Sean Howard.