Jul 20, 2017

Ark-Anti-Noid - Devlog #5


I’ve been busy with other things again, so working on any games had to take a hit. I’ve had the game almost ready for a while, requiring only a small amount of fixes, but last week I’ve finally managed to find some time and finish the work on it. This has always been the hardest part of anything - all is fun while I’m programming, but afterwards I still need to do all the tedious crap - write a description, make a ton of screenshots, submit it all to the stores. Boring stuff, but has to be done.

It’s alive now on the App Store.

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Apr 23, 2017

Ludum Dare - admitting failure

As it turns out, my unusually optimistic outlook on doing the Ludum Dare was completely unfounded. That’s what I get for trying to be optimistic for once. Lesson learned, though - next time I should only announce my participation after the theme is selected and, what’s even more important, after I come up with some decent enough idea for a game involving the theme.

After spending a whole day trying to brainstorm anything, I haven’t even opened the Unity editor once. It was pretty obviously pointless, so I am dropping out of this one.

All the ideas I came up with today were of two kinds. First one was pretty crap, too complicated or simply unfun after I’ve started writing it down. I went through a few of these and scrapped every one of them.

Second type was just to do whatever basic thing comes to my mind anyway - probably some sort of Super Mario Galaxy ripoff with spherical gravity or whatever.

That’s okay to do, but I know that I’m not a decent enough artist to produce anything sensible in a small time window like LD requires. Yeah, I know, programmer art is supposed to be enough. It’s not enough for me, which is what matters most. Especially when I browse Twitter afterwards and see all these amazing looking games people are making.

So, since now I have only about 24 hours left (which would include sleep and other things, so realistically it’s more like 10 hours), it’s quite pointless to continue trying to do anything, really.

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Apr 22, 2017

Ludum Dare and general updates

Well, this was a pretty crazy month. I won’t go into all of the specifics, as they’re not really important here, but I was just too busy with other parts of my life to really focus on making anything even remotely resembling a video game or any of it parts. That, and I got Overwatch for the PS4 as a gift, so that contributes to my laziness, I guess. ;) What can I say, I like Blizzard’s games.

Of course, and by a total accident, today is the day that the Ludum Dare 38 starts. And I have nothing planned for the weekend really, so this means I will try my best to get my entry into the Compo part (the 48 hour one). The starting time being at 3 in the morning doesn’t really help, but if I fall asleep before then, nothing bad will happen anyway.

As for the other stuff - Ark-Anti-Noid is almost finished, I’m waiting until the weekend is over to try to get it into at least the iOS app store. I need to write all the marketing info blurbs, prepare screenshots, videos and stuff, so that will probably take me until the end of the month anyway.

I haven’t done anything new in April, but I already have a plan for May. Which means I will be doing a remastered version of my earlier game, the Solitaire Master. This is a curious case really - I’ve put it onto my Itch long time ago, even before my 2016 break, and it continues to get visits and plays there. So I’ve figured I can remake it in Unity and release it properly for all the platforms I can support, since there’s obviously still some interest for it.

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Mar 26, 2017

Ark-Anti-Noid - Devlog #4

Another round of polishing

This week I’ve spent most of the time on adding and fixing all the small details are so important for the finished game’s feel. Unsurprisingly, this takes about the same amount of time as actually making the game working at all and I’ve still come up with even more things to add and fix.

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Mar 22, 2017

Ark-Anti-Noid - devlog #3

Another week means more progress.

The work on the Ark-Anti-Noid continues. This week was also pretty productive, though again, not without problems. I guess that’s the beauty of any developement, we fix one thing and two more need to be fixed in it’s place.

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