Ark-Anti-Noid - Devlog #5

Jul 20, 2017


I’ve been busy with other things again, so working on any games had to take a hit. I’ve had the game almost ready for a while, requiring only a small amount of fixes, but last week I’ve finally managed to find some time and finish the work on it. This has always been the hardest part of anything - all is fun while I’m programming, but afterwards I still need to do all the tedious crap - write a description, make a ton of screenshots, submit it all to the stores. Boring stuff, but has to be done.

It’s alive now on the App Store.


I still had to make some fixes to the UI, as I forgot to anchor things properly and they were out of place on smaller screens like on the iPhones. This was easy enough to fix though, so together with a few other UI fixes it all took one evening to do.

The future

Now that I have a Apple Dev account, I still need to go back and implement the proper GameCenter integration with the game, as well as release it on Android devices.

Releasing this game, however small it is, on a real app store, has really made me want to get back into making more games. That’s a really good feeling to have.