Ark-Anti-Noid - Devlog #4

Mar 26, 2017

Another round of polishing

This week I’ve spent most of the time on adding and fixing all the small details are so important for the finished game’s feel. Unsurprisingly, this takes about the same amount of time as actually making the game working at all and I’ve still come up with even more things to add and fix.

Sounds and music

While I was working on my day job earlier in the week, I went through modarchive’s public domain listing and found a song that I was able to listen to in a longer loop while coding. Strange thing with music in mobile games like this is that the players usually disable it anyway, but it would be bad to not have it at all.

I made another singleton object to hold the music over the scene changes and added a pretty simple Audio Mixer to manipulate all the different volumes - mostly of the clicking sounds, as they were pretty quiet compared to everything else.

A tutorial screen

I’ve decided to add one even though the game is pretty easy once you get a hang of it. Showing it to some of my coworkers made me realize that it’s not very intuitive at start to figure out what exactly are you supposed to do. I put together a pretty basic tutorial screen, just three short sentences of text one after another. I might still change it before I fully release the game to the app stores in April, but it serves it’s purpose for now.

What’s next?

Starting next week, I should probably start wrapping things up and preparing for the app store releases. This means writing all the descriptions, preparing images and screenshots, and probably capturing a gameplay video. Also making a simple landing page as well.

So, mostly boring stuff.

After I get a proper Apple Developer account I should probably go in and add proper GameCenter leaderboards to the game, and at the same time figure out how to add a similar thing to Android version. And probably start actually building and deploying an Android version at all - I don’t have any Android devices, so this will be somewhat tricky.