Ark-Anti-Noid - devlog #1

Mar 5, 2017


After submitting Elevator of Doom for the 1 Room RPG game jam (and while I’m getting some feedback back on reddit for it), I’ve already started working on the next game. This time I wanted to make something easy that could work on mobile, so I can get some more experience with it. If I can release something small and cool, maybe I could also at least recoup the mobile store account prices? I doubt that will be the case, but still I can try, right? So came the idea for reversing the mechanics of Arkanoid. The player wouldn’t steer the paddle and balls, and instead they would be able to spawn bricks and try to defend themselves from the balls hitting the top zone of the screen.

If I could keep it simple, I wouldn’t really need much graphics for the game - I could just keep to basic primitives and maybe some minor particle effects.

Preparing for mobile

With the decision that it would be mainly for mobile, I started by researching how I should actually approach this. There’s a few different resolutions on iOS, and a ton more on Android, so that’s not really that straightforward.

I’ve decided to restrict it by using camera aspect to place borders and scale things. This tutorial from Brackeys and the anwers from this stackexchange proved very useful for accomplishing that.

Controls are another tricky part with mobile games. Since I don’t need to steer the paddle, just need to register single clicks or touches and I don’t care for movement at all - so I just used mouse controls instead as they can work as touch ones as well.


Coding the gameplay was pretty easy, as Unity provides a physics engine by default and the game is simple enough that I don’t need anything else. I did run into some weird artifacts on the way, though.

Fortunately I was able to get rid of it by manipulating the bricks’ mass value after they stop falling down, so that stopped it completely.

What’s next?

  • Currently I’m working at finishing the gameplay and tweaking it to make it interesting.
  • I still need to develop a proper UI for the game, as the one I have now is pretty damn basic.
  • Some good amount of sounds and general polish will be necessary.
  • After that, I need to learn how to get Unity Ads working in the game and maybe figure out some reward for watching them.

Overall I’m pretty satisfied with this project - it’s a nice change of pace from what I had worked on before.